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Print: Sample Catalogs, Exhibition Booklets, and Texts


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Mirror of Life: An Exploration of the Built Environment (catalog)
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Asia and Rice (catalog, page 77)
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Confluence: A Curatorial Endeavor (catalog, page 17)
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No Time Like The Present: The Art of Gregory Martens
(view full catalog)
(view essay by Jessica Meuninck-Ganger)
(view spread featuring Jessica Meuninck-Ganger’s art)


IPCNY, Autumn 2015, Commedia (essay)
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New Hanji: A Korean Paper Tradition Re-Imagined  (catalog)
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Sustenance: Progressive Printmaking Now  (catalog)
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Position / Opposition  (catalog)
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Current Tendencies II  (catalog)
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Passing Between (catalog)
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view DVD videos online



Dynamic Stasis  (catalog)
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California Society of Printmakers: One Hundred Years, 1913-2013
on Amazon (book, pages )


Article published in Korean newspaper during the 2013 Korean Paper Craft Studies study abroad program.


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Article published in Korean newspaper and web during the 2015 Korean and Japanese Paper Craft Studies program.
view article – study abroad program


IPCNY, Summer 2013, New Prints / New Narratives (essay)
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Makers in Print International Exhibition (catalog, exhibition coordinated by Jessica Meuninck Ganger and Rina Yoon)
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Print: MKE 2013 International Printmaking Conference  (program, conference coordinated by Jessica Meuninck-Ganger and Rina Yoon)
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Printmaking at the Edge (book, page 138)
Pages on Amazon


Interactive Art and Embodiment (book, pages 220-227)
Pages on Amazon
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Web: Articles and Reviews

Confluence of Artistic Imaginations, The Hans India, (view web review)

Commedia: New Prints 2015/Autumn selected by Thomas Vu, (view web article)

“New Hanji” Joins Modern Craft With Korean Tradition by Kat Minerath, (view web review)

Handmade paper-making traditions take root in Milwaukee by Mary-Louise Schumacher, Journal Sentinal, print and online (view web review)

“Illusions of Space” in Printmaking Exhibit at HCC Gallery by Mike Guiliano, (view web review)

Southern Graphics Conference in 2013 by Larry Pinto, Lake Superior Woodblock Prints (view web review)

Past, Future Combine in “Print Press Play” by Robert Tilley, Shepherd Express (view web review)

Time (review of Current Tendencies II) by Peggi Christiansen, Peggi by Category (view web review)

Collaboration Drives Compelling Art by Tyler Friedman, (view web review)

Artist in Residence: Prominent Printmaker Calls Tosa Home by Natalie Wysong, Wauwatosa Patch (view web article)

Profundity and Plasticity for the Greedy by Chris Roper,  Mail & Guardian 14 (view web review)

Virtual World Crosses Over to Our Own, by John E. Mitchell, North Adams Transcript  (view article transcript)

On Nathaniel Stern & Jessica Meuninck-Ganger’s “Passing Between” at AOP Gallery by Christo Doherty,  (view web review)

Artists Put on Great Show by Patrice Bambalele, (view web review)