• Current Tendencies II

    Group Show

    Haggerty Museum
    Marquette University
    Milwaukee, WI
    August—December, 2011

    In Jessica Meuninck-Ganger and Nathaniel Stern’s collaborative practice, they permanently mount translucent prints and drawings directly on top of video screens, creating moving images on paper. They incorporate technologies and aesthetics from traditional printmaking, including woodblock, silkscreen, etching, lithography, photogravure, etc., with the technologies and aesthetics of contemporary digital, video and networked art to explore images as multidimensional. Their juxtaposition of anachronistic and disparate methods, materials and content—print and video, paper and electronics, real and virtual—enables novel approaches to understanding each. In this new work, Meuninck- Ganger and Stern incorporate historical people and events, book arts strategies and pop culture icons as part of their first large-scale installation.